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With your purchase on Zotiqe you support local – mostly female – artisans from all around the world. Without access to the infrastructure of large corporations, their art might have never been known outside of their community. That is, if it weren’t for people like you. People that care.

In a world where digital communication is ubiquitous, it seems all the more difficult to create an actual connection with others. We believe that art can be a common ground for people all around the world to share a common emotion and remind us that although we might not feel like it often, in the end we’re more alike than we are different.

The artisans we work with quite literally craft their own dreams themselves. That’s why every piece at Zotiqe – including yours – is hand-selected and carefully screened to ensure it supports traditional artisanship. They are involved in the process from start to finish. Not only does this mean they can make a living off their passion, it allows them to find meaning and purpose in life through art. And all that wouldn’t be possible without you!

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