About Us

About Us

For women artisans without access to big corporations and global markets, reaching out to new customers and getting recognized globally could be challenging. With Zotiqe, we have created a platform to meet these challenges 

We give female designers and creators a voice and an opportunity to continue doing what they love most, that is creating meaningful art to be able to promote their unique pieces to a worldwide audience. 

When it comes to our partners, we stay away from big corporations. Instead, we want to re-discover the beauty of small productions of independent individuals who value attention to details and love of the craft above all else. 

Through this approach, we can bring together great talent and art lovers from all over the world. We always look for new female artists that have something important to add to our society. Though our priority is to cooperate with female artisans, but we do not exclude those independent and talented male artisans whose works align with Zotique’s objectives. 

So, what does Zotiqe stand for? We stand for a more inclusive and equal world by supporting individuals and small businesses. In the end, it’s all about connecting people around the globe and keeping the conversation going. Join the community and help us enrich the world and give undiscovered talents a stage.